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Rome, aborts alone in the bathroom: the doctors were all objectors At Pertini, "I said, 'commit a crime'."

Left alone to have an abortion in the bathroom. In a public hospital. Without a doctor willing to help her , because all objectors .
The complaint came from Valentina and Fabrizio , the two young protagonists of the story presented by the Roman Coscioni during a press conference.
The Roman couple discovered in 2010 that the child who was waiting with a severe genetic disease, whose mother was a carrier , so there is a poor prognosis for survival, and therefore decided to terminate the pregnancy in the fifth month .
" OBJECTORS WITH THE GOSPEL ." "I can , after several attempts , to have a gynecologist hospital Sandro Pertini a sheet of hospitalization, only because she was not objector ," said the woman . "Within the hospital and beginning the therapy to induce labor . After 15 hours of excruciating pain , vomiting and fainting giving birth in the bathroom of the hospital with only the help of my husband. No one has witnessed , even after asking for help several times. In fact at one point they entered objectors with the Gospel in hand to tell us that commettevamo a crime. We have not terminated only because we were shocked by what we had experienced . "
GALLO : " USELESS THAT THE MINISTER OF REFUSING ." The problem of the objectors has been raised recently by the Council of Europe , which condemned Italy .
"It is useless to deny that the Ministry of the problem , that it does exist ," said Filomena Gallo, secretary of the association , who attended the couple , "the law 194 provides that facilities should ensure the service of termination of pregnancy , and not do. The Regions are responsible , and that we have repeatedly stressed , however, that are not activated . "
In this case , said Gallo, the procedure, which is an abortion in all respects , had been initiated by the physician not objector , but then the shift change had come objectors : "But the law provides ," he stressed, " the doctor can refuse to start the procedure, but not to finish it . "
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