mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

Because. The hope must be born from the power of capitalism conscience? When as a model of what lies ahead and to be found in the racism lager : All. We who have read the memoirs of that. What state we can not but remind us of what the year generated monsters, characters like the kapo and others who did everything to survive. Because. It should be different for the reasoning ofa banker, as someone said of the millennial Raich: A thousand dead are a catastrophe, a few million is just a statistic. And it is only a matter of the survival numbers. On the planet there are too many to breathe to produce carbon dioxide so. A crisis that face a bit of dead end and. Better than a war, the crisis is like the neutron bomb which does not destroy things but kills people as well. The crisis kills the poorest people and those who were middle class

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