domenica 19 marzo 2017

As usual, the shift idiots can not do better than that suggests the "belly" in general we tend to eliminate belly so unsightly but some people elect to the brain knowing that protected its privileges protecting them from the crisis economic continues to do shit and plunged the country into ruin and municipalities will a flood of legal challenges which will have to cope, not to mention that in mafia areas is unlikely to be activated or the news in recent times often make light on corruption in certain instructions opens up scenarios to do so in favor of obliging friends.
The M5S abstained because with his Di Maio, a Neapolitan classic that seems out of the ordinary for what we think of the kind of the south who does not work and it is in politics the only way to make ends meet, lately indicates the people as if they were all taxi drivers as pharmacists and notaries are among the privileged thereby preventing the free market implying that with them nothing changes

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