sabato 14 luglio 2018

is the enemy N. 1 really North Korea? Moscow?
They try to make us believe that the enemy air North Korea or Putin's Russia. Instead they believe that the great sick of the XXI century is the EU, a bit like the Ottoman Empire at the end of the nineteenth century and as then the powers tried to do it to shreds, now want to resize the EU and try to undermine the security that gave as the number of NUCL heads Eari The U.K. certainly not enough we have centuries of history but the only fact that they think and who willingly see an end of the EU become too powerful is that he wants to say his then they communicate to us we know we go to bed and in the morning we wake up more intimidated....!! ?? What diabolical minds even the creators of The Simpsons (and those who are good) would have dared to make a drawing so!... so! Electrifying for Donald, and the incredible thing that Poles who like calves at the slaughterhouse do not understand contribute to give credit to the projects of Donald meanwhile the Koreans who understood QE willingly have been given to the play of "nuclear disarmament?  No thanks! ' It would be tragic for their intelligence if they did not understand that if you take out atomic bombs you are not credible and this is making him understand the Brexit and all the work that the Americans are doing in that sense.
Were they good friends with Georgia? It seems to me that the European heads of State who went to Tbilisi to make human shields against Russian bombs have moved. And Mr. Trap makes the Russians understand that he's charging us that... or @ or!!?? Great that diplomatic school from rodeo to a developer now is a big step forward
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