venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

about the management of the art gallery of Sansepolcro

there is no need to go to Pompeii, yesterday morning I found myself working alone to guard the halls of the gallery in Sansepolcro with 60 German tourists and Italians, the other day a visitor has left written on the attendance book and notes the museum, which was a shame that there was only one attendant for the 15 halls of the museum, with works by Piero della Francesca, Pontormo, and now will also have two Burri administration has reduced the time and then one enters at 10 and the other one remains at 11 then only for an hour to take into account that we are par time since 2002 and by calculating from the first work we are in the museum for 18 years for the municipality, this administration has therefore decided to change the opening hours, also creating inconvenience for tourists and cut our hours so our already short 10,000 euro per year were reduced and the coffers of the teachers severine pie and another Catholic school are inflated due to Borghesi former commissioner (diploma in accountancy) to the culture who made that famous diversion of money from government grants that favored the schools where he worked as managing director, it can be said that the museum is a cash cow, new jobs are financed by European Union money then I wonder why we should always fall into nihilism bad-I am sorry that the nihilists are Rivoltino in the tomb to feel pushed to Catholics but do not know how to define a way to do so .... unintelligent

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