mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

because in Italy not legalize cannabis

By now it is clear that the delays in Italy legalization of soft drugs are due in addition to the laziness of our leaders even at pressures of the church and of the cooperatives that manage the recovery centers, these centers have a social cost is to run need of matter before it is made by drug addicts, the lobbies of the cooperatives are convinced and say the voice of their politicians, as Giovanardi who has a brother engaged with mercy in the rehabilitation of drug addicts, they will not just legalize it and they say, because the grass is a transition to hard drugs, which is true if you do not legalize here is where does the opposition to legalization is not a scientific knowledge but from mere interest of money and collection of souls, and this is the most disgusting thing of the 'use of recovery centers to contact people who otherwise would never see the church and that is enough to wash the soul of those IOR raids that banking secrecy that still exists in the Vatican rinse the money of drug trafficking of the mafia and the various signs.
As you know very well our Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin you launch anyway in statements and unscientific view of his intelligence make her a suspect collusion because otherwise not explained so much ignorance in front of the fact that cannabis is not considered a drug....

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